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How to Build a Skyline Diffuser

November 8, 2016



  • Planed smooth whitewood 34mmx34mm 

  • Gorilla Wood Glue 

  • Valspar Black Spray paint 

  • MDF sheet 

Elevation Layout for Diffuser 




Column Length 

length 1      38 pieces 4.7cm 


length 2      38 pieces 9.5cm


length 3      40 pieces 14.2cm 


length 4      15 pieces 19.05cm








Link for Diffusor Calculator 


Cut all the columns

Sand the edges 



 Glue onto the MDF sheet 



 Skyline Diffuser 


Wall Mounting
There are a few places where there's no piece of wood on the hardboard. This is the ideal place to put screws through to mount onto the wall. 



For more reading here's a BBC paper on the Skyline Diffuser


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